Monticchiello be staged

“Spettacolo” il film di Monticchiello

ONCE UPON A TIME… spettacolo

…there was a tiny hill town in Tuscany that found a remarkable way to confront their issues – they turned their lives into a play. Every summer for the past 50 years, their piazza becomes their stage and villagers from 6 to 90 play a part – the role of themselves.

“Spettacolo” is a documentary film directed by Jeff Malmberg & Chris Shellen premiering in 2017.


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Bed and breakfast a Pienza – muffin arancia e cioccolato

Muffin arancia e cioccolato

INGREDIENTI PER 12-15 MUFFIN 225g di farina 00 36gr di cacao amaro in polvere 15gr di baking (lievito chimico) 90gr di zucchero di canna grezzo 105 gr di cioccolato in gocce 45gr di scorza di arancia candita 75gr di uova intere 285 gr di latte intero fresco 70 gr...

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Panini al lievito

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